validates, validating, validated
1) VERB To validate something such as a claim or statement means to prove or confirm that it is true or correct. [FORMAL]

[V n] This discovery seems to validate the claims of popular astrology.

[V n] that evidence was evaluated and validated by historians.

substantiate, corroborate
Derived words:
validation [[t]væ̱lɪde͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] plural N-VAR

Some thought must be given to the method of validation...

This validation process ensures that the data conforms to acceptable formats.

2) VERB To validate a person, state, or system means to prove or confirm that they are valuable or worthwhile.

[V n] She is looking for an image that validates her...

[V n] The Academy Awards appear to validate his career.

Derived words:
validation N-VAR usu N of n

I think the film is a validation of our lifestyle.

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